lunes, febrero 5


Speech of Pablo Amargo read in the New York Society of Illustrators receiving the Gold Medal.

"There are cats in this book. They are black, flexible and are in a state of permanent astonishment. There are also buildings, empty rooms and versaillesque sofas. There are Paris’ rooftops, Rome´s ruins or Venice´s bridges. This book illustrations are just like cats, they appear and disappear, enigmas that hide in enigmas, or, as Nabokov said, "riddles with elegant solutions".

In the process of creating this book I discovered three things about cats I would like to share with you:

· First is that in Old Egypt cats were treated as gods. In Middle Ages as demons, and today as both, that is, as kids.
· Second is that although cats like draw attention on themselves, they never ask for it. For that, they like to have a representative.
· And third and last, that the joyous cats purr is contagious, it only takes to be awarded with the Gold Medal to feel it.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude the Jury and the Society of Illustrators for this prestigues award and for the extraordinary work they do".

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